“Before starting the course, I doubted myself and didn’t even think about using my intuition. But during the course, I had a huge realization, how important my intuition was in living a more fulfilling life. I am now trusting my intuition and taking action on it. It has made such a difference in my everyday life. By using my intuition, I realized it was a gateway to being able to open my heart and allow myself to be vulnerable. Now I am less scared of being vulnerable and I am more able to speak my truth. This was a life-changing course that helped me gain the trust, courage, and confidence in myself to keep moving forward! Thank you, Nanci. I am very grateful for your help.”


“Her approach is deeply spiritual and holistic.  Her therapeutic results are extraordinary. I have referred Nanci to numerous friends and colleagues, and they have shifted dramatically (out of very challenging circumstances) in a very short period of time.”

-Carol L.

“As a performer and artist who has made it her life’s work to live joyfully in truth and authenticity, I have explored many kinds of therapy to resolve personal trauma-issues. The difference is, working with Nanci has been such a clearly empowering experience for me since the beginning. Because she is a profoundly gifted healer who will bravely and supportively go the mile with you, no matter how extreme the past-trauma, Nanci has helped me to process in a manner that is loving and safe, yet leaves no stones unturned.  I am on my true path of life-success and well-being, and that is in no small part due to the amazing work which Nanci Deutsch so honorably facilitates.”


“Nanci is a much-needed healer of our time.  Her work is soulful and cutting edge. Thanks to Nanci I have been able to transcend challenges and live with more depth, clarity, and creativity. After a few sessions, I realized the truth of my soul and made the connections necessary in fulfilling my destiny.”


“Nanci is a dynamic and gifted teacher and facilitator. She is a natural intuitive, and you can be sure any course taught by her is totally Spirit-led and guided to support you in developing in the direction of your Highest Good, Highest possibilities, and your soul’s purpose.”


“Nanci has helped me to realize my soul’s mission and her sessions have given me the clarity I have been looking for in order to move forward in a positive direction.  I recommend Nanci and her amazing work.  She is truly a gifted counselor and hypnotherapist.  I have tried other counselors and healing work before, but with Nanci, I truly feel that I am gaining clarity and insight into who I am at a core level.  She has helped me to forgive the past, heal my childhood wounds and believe in who I am. Through her guidance, I feel closer to my destiny and more able to accomplish my life’s goals.”


“Nanci, your work as a skilled intuitive and licensed social worker allowed me to break through uncertainty and gain the wisdom and clarity I was looking for.  The meditation you guided me on in my inner child work, was one of the most profound experiences I have had with a healer.  You are a gem.  I am grateful for you and the time we share.”


“Nanci is a gifted and wise being, who lovingly assists her clients with compassion, honesty, and commitment. I have spent years on and off in counseling trying to do the work that Nanci was able to help me with, in as little as 4 weeks. She provides the vision, support, and tools to help those she serves reach the next level of their journeys, and I can honestly say, that I don’t believe I would be able to reach the next level of my journey without her. She has been a true blessing and I am forever grateful for her assistance.”


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