Fulfilling life through Intuition


You can use your intuition to achieve greater success and lead a more meaningful and fulfilling life. That may sound like letting our emotion hold sway over reason in dealing with life’s challenges. How often do we hear older folks tell us to use our heads instead of our hearts when we set out to, shall we say, choose our partners for life? This is not exactly right.

The fact is, emotion or gut feel is just a byproduct of reason. As Albert Einstein once noted, intuition is the outcome of earlier intellectual experience. To that effect, the eminent psychologist Herbert A. Simon also said that intuition is “nothing more and nothing less than recognition.”

Listening to your intuition then is applicable to all life’s decisions, especially the big ones. This means taking a holistic approach and introducing your intuition to everyday life.

In his book “The Millionaire Mind,” Thomas Stanley discussed that a trait most common among millionaires is the ability to follow their intuition and use it. By letting intuition dictate their important decisions, the millionaires tried to think and see beyond the five physical senses—and reaped enormous success.

The key, rather the three keys, to harnessing the life-changing powers of intuition starts with having one’s mind cleared of all distractions. If you have a bloated ego, this presents a distraction. If something makes you upset or angry, it would distract you from connecting effectively with your intuition. Too much energy likewise blocks you from receiving an intuitive answer from your inner self. So clear your mind of energy, emotions and limiting beliefs. Let a peaceful state come over you for you to receive your intuitive answer to life’s puzzles.

Intuition has been defined as something not from outer space but from inner space. We might add inner peace.

The second key is connection. You need to connect to a higher self, your soul, your whole being, your divine essence. This should lead to a more conscious “you.” The more conscious and spiritually present you are, the more clearly you can receive and hear your intuition. The wisdom that comes from within you possesses that wisdom. It’s all about building your confidence. The more you connect with your mind and your soul, the stronger your connection to your higher self. Such higher self would carry you to your enlightened future. Thus, connecting more deeply with your higher self can change your life forever.

Then come “communication” as the third key to letting intuition rule our life. Our intuition is constantly communicating with us. The question is, are we listening? It is important to be able to listen to the communication coming to you from your higher self, your soul, your angels, your guides. The universe is communicating a plethora of things to us and we have to listen, recognize and use what’s being relayed to us. Learn to listen to such communication since it comes from the spiritual realm. Do it as if praying to God which calls for meditative listening and being receptive to any answers to your prayers. Learning to be able to receive those messages and answers is crucial.

The intuitive voice is truly a powerful one, but it often needs a quiet, calm, reflective environment to find its way to your life. Learn where you can find some peace, go there when times are hard, and listen with all your might to what your heart and soul are telling you.

Every day our intuition or gut instinct speaks to us. It’s up to us to listen and let it influence our decisions. If you understand the message instinctively, psychoanalysts say you don’t need conscious reasoning to make good use of it.

It has long been established that intuitive decisions are neither random nor signify a lack of skill. In fact, intuitive decisions are the product of years of experience and thousands of hours of practice. They represent the most efficient use of our accumulated experience.