How do you know if you are in your head or your heart? You are in your head when you are busy thinking, you may be judging, criticizing, putting yourself down, making up stories, having a critical voice, obsessing about the past or worrying about the future. When you feel disconnected from yourself, you are in your head.

You are in your heart when you are feeling acceptance, you are observing, allowing things to be, loving yourself and others, feeling compassion, you’re non-judgmental, feeling acceptance, and are in present time. When you feel aligned and connected with your body, mind, and spirit, you are in your heart. The journey of healing is learning when you are in your head and being able to bring yourself into your heart. This takes time but with patience, awareness, and practice you can do it. Learning to be in your heart is the key to living an inspired and empowered life!

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