Intuition Leads to Right Decision


There are points in life when we actually rely on intuition for important decisions with far-reaching implications in life.  But not many even acknowledge it.  Most will say it was reason or reality that really motivated their life’s decisions.  For example, a law school graduate eschewed legal work and opted a career in news broadcasting and found self-fulfillment that he could never have achieved were he to just dispense legal advice to people. The reason was he let intuition influenced his decision, and his intuition says that writing is his boyhood dream and he is happiest serving up news.   With news reporting, work to him is play.

Had this man ignored his intuition, he would have relied on external input from others which can always lead us astray.  Running a law office might be more professionally lucrative but if such work neither runs in your veins nor occupied your dreams, there would be no self-fulfillment.

Many scientists and researchers now refer to intuitionas the highest form of intelligence we possess. In other words, intuition is no longer limited to the new-age world of magical thought; but is increasingly seen as a legitimate way to make better judgments and decisions.

Intuition is the inner voice also variously referred to as the instinct, sixth sense, inkling, hunch, and gut feeling.  It is the force that guides, protects, and informs us. The information we receive from our intuition is not usually available from our conscious mind and thus stems from the unconscious.

Usually, intuition emerges as a quiet inner voice or feeling that tells us to take this chance, go down that path, accept that opportunity, open that door, and so on. Intuition also tells us what not to do, what to be careful of, when to be vigilant, and when to stop.

Minus the mystery, it is associated with the right side of the brain which is responsible for creativity, imagination, musical and artistic aptitude, and emotions. It stems from that nonlinear dimension of our minds, that part where unconscious connections and associations are made and arise within our conscious minds seemingly out of nowhere.

All throughout history people have listened closely to the whispers of their intuition.  We too should listen to our intuition because it is very down to earth and wise.  It is so powerful it can help us in any facets of life.

Intuition reveals truths in our lives that reason could not.  It helps us develop a deeper understanding and insight. The result is that we feel more intelligently guided in our thoughts, feelings, and decisions.  By thus helping us identify positive signs in our lives, intuition opens new doors to us when we least expect it.