The Journey


A Soul Adventure is a hypnotic journey to meet your soul or to work with a past life, your future or past in this lifetime.

A Soul Adventure is a hypnotic journey to meet your soul or to work with a past life, your future or past in this life time.  You can journey to the realm of your soul and also meet loved ones that have passed away, and members of your soul group.  A soul group is a group of souls that have traveled together in between lifetimes for eons.  Some incarnate with us at the same time; some may remain in the soul realm.

Quantum physics scientists have proven all time is happening now…

NOW is your opportunity to journey to your past, present or future.

Nanci will guide you into a hypnotic relaxed state where you can connect with your soul. There you can have your questions answered by this part of yourself, explore your spiritual growth in new and exciting ways, or work on an issue in your life to either resolve or move closer to resolution.

Go on a hypnotic journey to meet your soul and have a Soul Adventure.

  • Understand your life’s purpose
  • Reveal insights into your Akashic Records
  • Accelerate your spiritual growth

  • Explore your soul group: meet with other souls
    you have traveled with “in-between” lifetimes
  • Journey to past lives


After connecting with your soul, you can have possible adventures to:

  • Ask your soul 10 questions and receive answers you have wanted to know
  • A past or future time in your current life or another lifetime
  • A time before your birth to discover your preconception contract (the contract you made before entering this lifetime)
  • Your Akashic Records
  • The dimension where your soul exists
  • Discover your soul contracts with others
  • A time of healing and rejuvenation

Experience feeling more:

  • Confident and empowered to take action
  • Clarity about your life and your decisions
  • Peace by understanding your life
  • Harmony in your relationships
  • Purpose and passion in your life


Nanci Deutsch is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Master Trainer with over 30 years’ experience counseling individuals, couples and groups.  She is also a Master Practitioner of NeuroLinguistics Programming™ (NLP), Certified as an Energetic Clearing Practitioner, trained in P.E.E.R.™ counseling emotional release work, and a graduate of the Enwaken Coaching Program. Nanci uniquely combines her counseling, coaching and intuitive abilities to transform people’s lives.

Nanci offers a variety of spiritual and intuitive services to improve your lifestyle:

  • The Intuition Advantage Mastercourse
  • One-on-one consultations
  • Workshops, seminars, and training that facilitate clarity and clear blockages

What Else Nanci has to offer

Sessions with Nanci help you to gain clarity and identify the issues that sabotage your success, clear the obstacles that keep you form living your life’s purpose, and increasee your self-confidence and success.


Nanci is available to customize a seminar for your corporation or organization.


At the Intuition Advantage Master Course, Nanci Deutsch will share her powerful *five-step process* to catapult your life forward. Learn how trusting yourself, your intuition and the Universe will change your life.


Soul Adventures has three parts – The Clearing Process, The Journey & Coaching to attain new levels of your potential. A Soul Adventure is a hypnotic journey to meet your soul or to work with a past life, your future or past in this life time.

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