First clear your energy by releasing emotions and stress that would keep you from getting an accurate answer to your questions.  To clear your emotions, start by taking a deep breath.  When you are stressed in any way including feeling fear, anger, grief, anxiety, or depression, you may tend to shut down and contract your body, including your breath.  So becoming aware of this contraction and then taking a deep breath can help you shift in a moment.  For deeper clearing, there are a variety of helpful methods to express your feelings such as through movement and exercise, writing or journaling, using healing modalities like guided meditations and visualizations, EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique, or being creative and expressing your feelings through art, music, or dance.

Once you are in a calmer and more relaxed state, then you can receive the message(s) your guides, angels, and the higher aspects of yourself are giving to you. When you use your intuition, it can help you save time and energy and help you take better care of yourself during the holiday season.

Use your intuition to get gifts for your loved ones.  Start by asking to be guided to get a gift they will enjoy and love.  Then go into your heart and see what action(s) you are being guided to take in order to get them a gift they love!

Also use your intuition to follow what invitations to accept and when you need to say no.  You can get burn out during the holidays because you may be running around and rushing to stores or events, including video events, and you don’t take care of yourself.  This holiday season honor yourself by tuning in what invitations feel right to you.

Lastly follow your intuition at holiday family gatherings whether in person or on video.  Allow yourself to be guided to help you deal with relatives that create stress for you.  Before you go or participate in a family event, one way to help yourself is to ground yourself by noticing your breath and your feet.  When you bring awareness to your breath and feet, it helps you become present.  When you are present, it can help you enjoy yourself while you are with your family.

Happy Holidays!

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